Rajputi Poshaks

Poshaks has been an integral part of Indian tradition for a long time. Marwadi and Mewad people love to wear poshak on every occasion. Marwadi poshak holds distinct symbolism in their essence that represents Rajasthani tradition beautifully. People adore its integrity and grace with their hearts and appraise its presence as fashion apparel. You can spot its mark in all castes and cultures today as a statement fashion outfit.
To make a Marwada dress noteworthy for attention, it is important to carefully select the ideal color combinations along with patterns on it. It takes a creative aspect to select the ideal material and accordingly design it to make each apparel unique in its own way. You can get a wide variety of cloth materials in our collection, like silk, pure, viscos satin, and much more with fine work of embroidery, zardosi, etc.
At Ranisa, we make sure that all our designs are crafted in a manner that accents your unique personality and distinct tastes. You can find different varieties in our collection such as Padmini Poshak, Jodhana Poshak, Kasumbal Poshak, Roop Poshak, and much more.
Each design brings a fusion of both Indian tradition and contemporary styling with it. For the women of today who want to try fresh designs of Marwadi ladies dress, you can dive into the heart-winning designs of the Ranisa Poshak collection.

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